Tshombe Sekou

These are the rumens and poeticisms of Tshombe Sekou.
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poem 263-2/365:2014

a universe in my mouth

with thirty clashing planets

at war with each other

because they can’t agree—theologically

in fact had wisdom teeth removed

they said the voice that comes

from the void is the one and true god

—they pulled all four for faulty reasoning

the universe in my mouth

is young and timeless

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The iJournal 6 Plus

Sleek, thin, and fully customizable…

The iJournal 6 Plus

Sleek, thin, and fully customizable…

yet another random conversation with a poet…

Randomness: I must say, I loved your book; the one from your book reading.  It was so enlightening and intellectual.

Poet: Thank you so, much; you know, I’ve written two books since then; they’re quite the different wallpaper, but yes.  In fact here is a copy of The Finding Place; yes, the second one, let me know what you think.

Randomness: Oh my goodness, thank you; I am sure I will learn…

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poem 263/365:2014

art is about breaking the rules, not following them…

knowing how not to

follow the rules is an art—

write outside the lines


who told you there were rules,

now ask, who told them…they…why?!

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poem 262/365:2014 | poem from water – new book from Tshombe Sekou